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Sustainable living at Elvenhome farm

The seasons shaping up to be bountiful here at Elvenhome farm, after some good solid rains in November, turning the season around from a very dry early spring. So if you’re nearby drop in, or if you’re already booked in to stay this season, Elvenhome farm may just help you focus your awareness and inspire…

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Elvenhome Farm has a new website and new branding

New Year, New Branding, New Website

Summer is sizzling here in Tasmania, Australia and we hope you are all well recovered from the festive season and enthusiastic to make 2018 a great year! Elvenhome Farm is really excited to share the launch of our new website. Its a great new look for the new year!  We have a fantastic new design,…

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Basil and Beans

Sizzling Summer

We’ve been having to manage some extreme summer weather this season here on Elvenhome Farm. Temperatures have been hovering often in the low to mid 30’s and a record breaking 41 degrees which is challenging to say the least. Resilience and adaptability is a core principle within the permaculture ethos, yet when the sizzling temps…

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