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Sustainable living at Elvenhome farm

The seasons shaping up to be bountiful here at Elvenhome farm, after some good solid rains in November, turning the season around from a very dry early spring.

Early carrots, peas, potatoes, zucchinis, tomatoes and plenty of leafy greens in the early summer garden.

Orchard plant guilds help to reduce root competition (from grasses), provide physical shelter (live mulch’s), adds nutrition (deep roots accessing minerals), and aids pest control (predator attracting flowers)

peas and potatoes

So if you’re nearby drop in, or if you’re already booked in to stay this season, Elvenhome farm may just help you focus your awareness and inspire your imagination, so that every time you think of the future, you’re inspired to remember a sustainable way, for all your actions, in your own way of living, in whatever way that may be!