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Sizzling Summer

Basil and Beans

Basil and Beans under the makeshift heat protection

We’ve been having to manage some extreme summer weather this season here on Elvenhome Farm. Temperatures have been hovering often in the low to mid 30’s and a record breaking 41 degrees which is challenging to say the least.

Resilience and adaptability is a core principle within the permaculture ethos, yet when the sizzling temps arrive so quickly we need to adapt quickly.

Here’s a few photos with some quick fix heat shields in place. Perhaps shade cloth may be needed in the future as our planet continues to warm.

Alysha Popovitch Tomatoes

Alysha Popovitch tomatoes protected from the extreme heat

Greengage plums

Greengage plums yet to ripen

Coxs Red Pippin apples

Coxs Red Pippin apples

All the best,
Graham and the Elvenhome team